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If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, issues from your past, or difficult transitions, you don't have to do it alone. Support and a shift in perspective can profoundly affect the way you feel and what you are able to do, or stop doing, in your life. Talking with someone who is both objective and 100% on your side can help you to see things from a new perspective, move forward with someone standing behind you, and allow you to make the changes in your life or relationships that you have been wanting or needing to make. Therapy works, it can work for you, and I’d like to help.


My own experiences in therapy helped me to let go of who I (and others) thought I should be and become who I am, which included leaving my job to pursue my calling. In the ten years since it has been my privilege to meet many people in their worst moments and help them to become their best selves.

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I provide individual and couples therapy. My approach is supportive, engaging, and personal. I try to get to know and understand you and what you need, and in the process you will come to know and understand yourself better, and recognize and acknowledge what you need. Then, together, we can work on how you can get to where you want to be from where you are now. This work may involve coming to terms with painful past experiences or making changes in difficult relationships; sometimes that difficult relationship is with yourself. Throughout this process you will be supported, respected and heard.

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In individual therapy I will provide a space and an environment, objective but supportive, in which you can talk, think and feel about issues past, present or future about which you feel unsettled or unsure or that continue to cause you pain or keep you stuck. Together we'll work on how you can walk serenely away from the past, bravely through the present and excitedly into your future.


In working together on your relationship we'll figure out what you need as a couple for the relationship to work better and what you each need as individuals in the relationship. If you have to fight (and sometimes we do) I'll help you learn to do it nicely, productively and, ideally, rarely. If needed (and it often is) we'll tackle past hurts and resentments so you don't have to keep having that fight, again.


If you feel you could use some help, support or another perspective, give me a call or send me an email. We’ll talk briefly and if I feel I can help, and you feel good about the conversation, we can set up an initial session and explore in more detail what you may need, how I can help and what our work together might look like.

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My session fee is $120. You may pay for each session at the time it is held or you may pay at the end of the month, whichever you prefer, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. I currently accept Optum/United Health and Oscar insurance.


65 N. Madison ave. Ste 601

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 487-5471

Let me know below what your schedule is like and if you prefer mornings, afternoons or evenings and I will do my utmost to accommodate.

If you'll be using insurance let me know which and I'll give you an idea of co-pay, if any, and the steps to get started.

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